Mock NBA Trade Deadline Competition

Register for the NBA Trade Deadline Competition

Group Registration

A maximum of 30 teams will participate in the competition. Teams are limited to a minimum of three (3) students and a maximum of six (6) students. Students are permitted to create teams with students at different schools and programs than their own. The competition is open to students at any collegiate program at any level. Registration fees are done in tiers on a first come first serve basis. 

Groups registration fees are on a first come first serve basis as follows:

Full Bird Teams (first 10 to register): $300.

Early Bird Teams (second 10 to register): $450

Non Bird Teams (last 10 to register): $600

Interested students that do not have a team of 3-6 to participate should register for the Free Agency Waitlist where we will assist them in finding a team to compete with.  

Free Agency Waitlist

Students without a group that are interested in participating can register for the Free Agent Waitlist free of charge. The purpose of the waitlist is to assist individuals in finding others to compete with.

When a team is formed off of the waitlist, that team will then be able to register for the event at the applicable rate (Full Bird, Early Bird, Non Bird). Students that elect to register for the waitlist are not guaranteed participation in the event. It is simply designed to assist students in creating teams to compete.

Register for the Free Agency Waitlist here.

Signing up for the Free Agency Waitlist does NOT register you for the event. To register, students must sign up through Group Registration with a group of 3 to 6.

Contact Kyle Goodier for more information