Chiara Giorgetti

Professor of Law | University of Richmond School of Law (Richmond, VA)

Chiara Giorgetti is Professor of Law at Richmond Law School, immediate past Chair of ITA’s Academic Council, Vice-President of the American Branch of the International Law Association (ABILA) and elected member of the American Law Institute. She is also Senior Fellow at Columbia’s Law School’ International Claims and Reparations Project (ICPR), where she advises Ukraine on international claims and reparations ensuing from Russia’s aggression. She teaches and writes in the areas of international law, international arbitration, international dispute resolution and international courts and tribunals.

She has authored or edited nine books and over 40 articles and chapters, including ‘International Claims Commissions: Righting Wrongs After Conflict (with L. Brilmayer and L. Charlton), ‘The Rule, Practice and Jurisprudence of International Courts and Tribunals,’ ‘Litigating International Investment Disputes – A Practitioner’s Guide and Challenges’ and ‘Recusal of Arbitrators and Judges in International Courts and Tribunals.’ Presently, her research focuses on international claims commissions, as well as ethics, the drafting of a Code of Ethics for Arbitrators and issues of State responsibility.

Prior to joining academia, she worked extensively with the United Nations in New York and Somalia and practiced international arbitration with White & Case in Washington, D.C. and Lalive in Geneva. Her practice focuses on international disputes, and includes representing sovereign States in front of ICSID tribunals, the UN Compensation Commission and at the Eritrea Ethiopia Claims and Boundary Commissions. She serves as Professor in the UN Regional Courses in International Law and her lectures are recorded in the UN Audiovisual library for international law. Professor Giorgetti holds a law degree from Bologna University, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and an LLM and a JSD from Yale Law School. She clerked at the International Court of Justice. During her Sabbatical leave in 2019-2020, she served as a scholar in residence at ICSID, working mostly on developing a code of conduct for adjudicators.