Tiago Duarte-Silva

Vice President | Charles River Associates (Boston, MA)

Dr. Tiago Duarte-Silva is a testifying expert with more than 20 years of experience who has advised investors and provided written and oral testimony or expert advice in over 120 disputes. He has worked on behalf of corporations and their officers and directors, sovereign states and entities, private equity firms, financial institutions, auditors, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other US and foreign regulators.

His expertise in commercial and investment disputes focuses on quantum of lost value or profits due to breach of contract, breach of warranties or representations, direct or indirect expropriation in investment treaty arbitrations, reputational harm, and irreparable harm, as well as valuations related to countervailing duties, appraisal actions, minority shareholder oppression, failing firm analyses, and various kinds of M&A disputes and price adjustments.

At Charles River Associates, he has provided expert opinions and testified at trial, hearing, and deposition in domestic and international arbitrations, both commercial and investor-state, in US litigation (federal and state courts), in foreign litigation (Brazil and Australia), and before the US Department of Commerce.

His case experience spans various industries, such as financial services, technology, pharma, manufacturing, infrastructure, telecoms, media, oil & gas, and mining.

Dr. Duarte-Silva frequently writes and presents about damages, quantum, and other economics themes, and has published in various outlets, such as the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceFinance Research Letters, the Journal of International ArbitrationLaw360Global Arbitration Review, and the World Arbitration and Mediation Review.