Staff Attorney, Navajo Nation Judicial Branch

Shawn Attakai is a Staff Attorney for the Navajo Nation Judicial Branch.  He is licensed in the Navajo Nation, Arizona, and has degrees from Arizona State University and Dartmouth College.  To balance his western education, Mr. Attakai has undergone formal rigorous apprenticeship training over several different mentors over more than a decade, and has extensive knowledge in his Diné ways.  He considers this as his “post-secondary education.”

Over 17 years, Mr. Attakai has been an attorney for the Navajo Nation, other tribes and in private practice.  He is presiding judge for Yavapai Apache Nation, a peacetime Marine veteran, former culture instructor at Diné College and a trainer for Diné judges on Fundamental Law and other subjects. He is Bit’ahnii (Folded Arm) and Tabaaha (Edge Water), and married to To Aheedliinii (Water Flows Together Clan).  Mr. Attakai currently resides with his family in Crownpoint, NM.