Staff Attorney, Navajo Nation Judicial Branch

Shawn Attakai is Bit’ahnii and Tabaaha, married with children to Tó Aheedliinii. He graduated from Dartmouth College (BA ’95) and ASU College of Law (JD ’00). Mr. Attakai holds Navajo and Arizona bar licenses, is a peacetime Marine veteran, a former Diné College instructor, and an attorney for 19 years in various capacities including court attorney, associate, and criminal defense. Recently, Mr. Attakai was a Yavapai-Apache Nation associate judge. He currently serves as a Co-President for the Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth, and participates in the NNBA’s Training Committee helping develop the Four Directions approach. Shawn believes in excelling at both worlds, thus has studied Dine Bibeehaz’aanii under several mentors over a couple decades, and has been practicing over a decade and half as a traditional practitioner (Hozhooji and other minor ways). Shawn carries the ceremonies of some of the most prominent Diné leaders six generations back from the Navajo Wars Era.