NBA Trade Deadline Competition

November 8-9, 2024

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Arizona State University ​

About the Competition

ASU Law will host the second national NBA trade deadline competition for students this fall. The competition is intended to provide students with a realistic front office experience. Participating students will have the opportunity to simulate working in an NBA front office just before the NBA trade deadline and receive feedback from real NBA executives as judges. The purpose of this event is to provide students at various programs the opportunity to learn the integral parts of the industry and improve on translatable skills essential to providing value to a team. The competition will be held on November 8-9 of 2024, and will take place in person at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in Phoenix, AZ.

The competition is composed of a virtual round prior to the event, a designated period on November 8 to make trades with other student groups, and student presentations to NBA executives on November 9. Following the final presentations, students will have an opportunity to network with judges at the closing reception.

NBA Trade Deadline Competition flyer

See the 2023 Trade Deadline Judges lineup. 2024 Judges will be announced in early fall.

Competition Logistics

Virtual Round

Before the event, each team will receive a take-home assessment on some of the crucial trade rules in the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. Teams will be provided links to the sections where they can find answers to the questions. This round is intended to encourage participating teams to study the relevant CBA sections to ensure they can effectively negotiate legal trades when the time comes. 

In-person Round

Student groups will be assigned an NBA team before the event. Students will then evaluate the NBA team assigned, determine trade deadline objectives for the assigned team, and negotiate trades for the betterment of the franchise. All trades will be thoroughly monitored for legality per the rules outlined in the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. Teams will be issued the contact information of other participating teams prior to the event and are encouraged to begin negotiations before the competition. However, no trade outside the allocated time on November 8 will be official. To be official, at least one representative from each team must bring the full details of the trade to the NTDC trade-check panel. If the trade is deemed legal, it will be uploaded to the log of official trades for all teams to see. After the conclusion of the official trade period, teams will present the moves made and justifications for those moves to a panel of judges. 

Judges will score teams based on the following categories:

  • Adherence to the NBA CBA
  • Evaluation of assigned NBA team
  • Justifications of moves made (through analytics, scouting, cap analysis, etc.)
  • Extent moves made align with the team’s short and long-term objectives
  • Team’s final presentation (professionalism, composure, telling the story) 

Note: An objective scorecard for the following will be released to participating groups prior to the event.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Please contact Competition Director Kyle Goodier for all information on sponsorship packages available. 

Contact information can be found in the hyperlink below.

Applications will open on April 15, 2024

Contact Competition Director Kyle Goodier for more information.