NBA Trade Deadline Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students per team?
  • Students are limited to between 3-6 students. Groups with less than three (3) students can contact the NTDC board with questions, requests, or concerns.
Can you make a team with students from another school?
  • Yes. Students are permitted and encouraged to form the best group of management to participate in the event. Students across all collegiate programs are permitted to attend the event upon admission.
Is the event in person?
  • Yes. The event will be hosted in person at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in Phoenix, Arizona. The address is 111 E Taylor St, Phoenix, AZ 85004.
Who will judge the event?
  • The NBA Trade Deadline Competition (NTDC) has contacts at nearly every NBA team. As judges confirm attendance, we will update the website with such confirmations and post on the NTDC Instagram: @ASUTradeDeadline
How should we prepare for the event?
  • We highly encourage participants to review Larry Coon’s NBA CBA FAQ at We will provide specific sections and guidance on what provisions will be most crucial for typical trades.
What if we make an illegal trade?
  • Illegal trades will be vetoed and all involved teams will have a logged CBA error.
What if an illegal trade is not caught?
  • Teams involved in the trade will be notified of the illegal trade and will not be permitted to present that move to the judges. Teams involved in the illegal trade will log a CBA error. If there are subsequent legal trades involving assets from the illegal trade, teams involved in the subsequent trade will be permitted to present their moves to the judges without logging a CBA error.
What cap sheets should we use?
  • The cap sheet source we choose will be the source all teams till use in the competition to avoid discrepancies with player contract values. The specific cap source is TBD.

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